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Image showing our future leader

Privacy Policy

Easyworld Was Created To Help Everyone Solve Daily Problems

By using Easyworld, it means you agreed to the Privacy Policies listed below.

Easyworld is not responsible for any harm or damage that may result from the use of Easyworld application

User Data Policy

In compliance with Google Play Developer Policies

Please make sure you read this document before registering on Easyworld

Spyware Policy

Easyworld is not a spyware. A spyware is an app that transmit your Contact list, Photos, Content from your Email, SMS Log, Web History or browser bookmarks of the default browser, or information from data directories from other apps without your permission

Easyworld does not have access to tamper with your Email messages. And Easyworld does not require any access to read your Email.

Easyworld does not use your Call Logs and SMS logs

Easyworld does not use Web History or browser's bookmarks.

Easyworld does not use Information from the //data// directories of other apps.

Personal Information

Easyworld collects personal information such as, Firstname, Lastname, Email, Phone, Age, proffession etc.

This information can not be remove after you have registered on the app

Anyone on Easyworld can access your information from anywhere in the world

Your information on Easyworld will be use to help you get informations you need based on your location

Camera, Photos and Audio Access Permissions

Easyworld will require your permission to access your camera, microphone and photo gallery, to enable you post pictures and make video call on Easyworld. Easyworld does not have the capability to gain access if you do not accept.

Location Access Permissions

Easyworld reqiures access to your location. Everyone on Easyworld can see your current location. You are free to turn off your location if you don't want others on Easyworld to see your location. As a result, you will not also be able to access anyone's location on Easyworld.

Phonebook Contacts Access Permission

Easyworld collects Contacts data to allow you start a conversation with someone in your Phonebook and to allow other user to start a conversation with you

Easyworld stores only your phone number that you use for registration on our server

Easyworld does not upload your Phonebook contacts to our server or Third-Party

Easyworld does not share your Phonebook contacts with any Third Party

Anyone on Easyworld can see and call your phone number on Easyworld


By using Easyworld app, you agreed that:

  1. You will not use Easyworld for any fraudulent transactions. The app can authomatically report you to the authority in your area, and you may be arrested and procecuted.
  2. You will not post your private information in the public on Easyworld, only post information that anyone could access from anywhere in the world.
  3. You will not quickly trust strangers you meet on Easyworld, until you can proof they can be trusted.
  4. You will not post pornographic content on Easyworld. Your account will be deleted without any notice if you are found guilty.
  5. You will not use Easyworld to post life threatening message that may endanger anyone's life.
  6. You will post only genuine information on Easyworld. It is easy for anyone to confirm the genuiness of a piece of information. Fake news is not allowed!
  7. Failure to abide by these terms, may result in your prosecution or your account being deleted without any notice.


You can delete your account on Easyworld at anytime.

Before you delete your account, please read the content below.

  1. Your account information, like names and contact information will be completely deleted from Easyworld.
  2. All your posts and information messages will be completely deleted from Easyworld.
  3. We are not going to have any backup, once you delete your account.
  4. You will not be able to recover any of your infromation, once you delete it.

To delete your Account completely from Easyworld, CLICK HERE.

For more information please call +2348067565788 or Email: info@easyworld.com.ng or admisrael2012@gmail.com
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